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Tropical Blossom Green Organic

Steeping Instructions

Step 1:
Add boiling water to mug and allow the water to cool to 170°-185° or simply wait 2-5 minutes.
Step 2:
Steep 1 tsp or 3-4 grams of tea per 8 oz of water.
Step 3:
Steep for 3-5 minutes. Green teas often have substantially different character depending on the time and temperature used for steeping so experiment with water throughout the range. Try 2-3 steepings.

Tip! Consider a sample size to explore 3-4 cups of a new tea!

Tropical Blossom Green Organic Tea Description:

Mango and citrus combine for a tea with a sweet hint of the tropics.  Tropical Blossom Green Organic brews up with a complex taste and aroma and is a wonderful cold brewed tea.

Conventional TeasIngredients:

Organic Indian Green Tea, Organic Chinese Green Tea, Organic Orange Peel, Natural Flavors

No Longer Available:

This tea is no longer available but Orange Blossom is a similar blend.

Cold Brewing Tropical Blossom Green Organic Tea:

Add 7 teaspoons of tea to 25 ounces of water and allow to sit in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours. Strain off the tea and enjoy.

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