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How to Cold Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Cold brewed iced tea is easy to make, and unlike brewing iced tea with boiling water, produces some great green iced tea.

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  • Step 1:   Add roughly 7-10 teaspoons of loose leaf tea to 48 oz of water.
  • Step 2:  Add loose tea and water to a pitcher and put it in the refrigerator for about 8-10 hours
  • Step 3:  Strain off the loose tea and enjoy. The timing isn't necessarily exact so making a batch the night before is perfect for having cold brewed iced tea first thing in the morning.

Note that the timing isn't exact so you can certainly add the tea to water the night before and enjoy the next morning.  And while a pitcher and kitchen strainer works fine, accessories like the FORLIFE Mist Iced Tea Jug make preparing cold brewed iced tea a snap. 

This cold brew method has been used in Japan for many years and is still relatively unknown in America. The method is great for green teas which will come out bitter if made in a traditional iced tea maker with boiling water. You will also find that your black teas made using cold brewing will have a completely different flavor profile.