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At Home Flights - August 2020 - Summer Flavors

Steeping Instructions

General Guidance:
Follow the instructions on each bag for the best tasting experience.

Tip! Consider a sample size to explore 3-4 cups of a new tea!

At Home Tea Flights - August 2020 - Summer Flavors

Enjoy sampling 3 teas that best represent flavors of the summer. Whether at the beach, picnicking with friends, or just trying to stay cool in the summer heat, these teas are great hot or iced. This flight set includes sample sizes of:


  • Coconut Cake: Craving a tropical getaway? Sweet pineapple pieces and creamy coconut shreds blend with Indian black tea for that perfect vacation feeling. Delicious both hot and iced!

  • Mango Breeze: Whisk yourself off to the tropics with this blend of black tea, orange peel, raspberry leaf, safflower, and sweet mango. Enjoy hot for a sweet winter pick-me-up or iced for a summer cooler.

  • Orange Popsicle: A delectable way to beat the heat, with all the flavors of a creamy orange popsicle. Blended green and black teas are mixed with orange peel and white chocolate pieces for a sweet citrus cooler.


Our at home tea flight is a way for you to sample new teas and practice identifying flavors and mouth-feels. We have included a tasting card with a flavor pinwheel for you to use in your sampling to improve and practice your capability to identify flavors.


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